Eye and Vision Exam FAQs

What Is an Eye and Vision Exam?

When you need an eye and vision exam every year, visit our office. An eye and vision exam ensures your eyes are healthy and can tell when they aren't. These exams are essential to your eye health. Our optometrist at the Los Angeles Vision Center checks vision problems and diseases. When you need your optometry exam, call our Los Angeles, CA, office to schedule your time with our optometrist. Read below for answers to a few more questions listed below.


What Kind of Conditions Does an Eye Exam Test For?

You will be tested and screened for several eye diseases and conditions when you get an eye exam. Some of these can be extremely serious to your eyes and vision health. When you get an eye exam, the optometrist will have you take several tests to check for certain diseases, like glaucoma.

They will also examine your eyes and see whether you have several other eye diseases, such as macular degeneration or keratoconus. When you have an eye exam every year, you can get early detection of these problems to get treatments when possible. Eye disease treatments are needed for many eye diseases so the patient can stop losing vision. For example, there is no way to return lost vision for conditions like glaucoma, so early intervention is crucial to minimize the damage.

Why Do You Need Vision Testing?

Along with your tests for serious eye diseases, it's also essential to get your vision testing for your eye health and quality of life. When you have problems with your vision that aren't being treated, you may have eye pain and fatigue and cannot do everything you did before. No matter your vision prescription, getting it diagnosed yearly is necessary to have a new drug every year. If you use an old prescription, the squinting can cause eye strain, wrinkles, and more. When you discover your new vision prescription, you can get the vision correction method of your choice and see it as clearly as possible.

Visit Our Optometry Center

When you need an eye and vision exam from the optometrist, call us today at our Los Angeles, CA, office and schedule your next appointment. Contact us at Los Angeles Vision Center to receive our professional optometry services. You can schedule an appointment by calling (323) 934-2020 .

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