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For many people, dry eye syndrome is a condition that sneaks up on them. Over the course of time, often many years, the eyes simply produce fewer tears. Eventually, the eye is so dry that it becomes irritated. Then, a variety of remedies are employed to eliminate the scratchiness and pain that result from the lack of lubrication. If this sounds familiar to you, you'll be interested in this information provided by Los Angeles Vision Center.

Woman rubbing her eyes Symptoms of Dry Eye

Feelings of grittiness, irritation, and stickiness are some of the top hallmarks of dry eye syndrome. If you try to wear contacts, you may find them uncomfortable. Your eyes may also water, but it will be a thin, non-lubricating sort of tears that is of no value. You may get more eye infections than normal, too.

What Causes Dry Eye?

This syndrome has a variety of causes. Staring at digital screens for too long, or doing anything else that slows your blinking rate, is one simple cause. You may also have a blockage of the ducts leading from the glands that make various tear components. Such a blockage will essentially cut off one of the ingredients of healthy tears, whether that be the anti-evaporative oil layer, the component that allows tears to spread well, or the saline fraction itself.

Eye surgery such as LASIK is known for causing temporary dry eye. Infections can cause it as well. Sometimes, simple allergies are enough to make your tears too watery to do their job.

What Are Some Possible Treatments?

In many cases, eye drops are indeed enough to solve the problem. This is especially true if the cause turns out to be something temporary, like seasonal allergies or refractive surgery recovery. If there is a blockage, on the other hand, treatments can be more involved. Special machines meant to clear the blockages and stimulate the appropriate glands can be used.

Is Dry Eye a Serious Condition?

If it is severe enough, it can be. It can allow the cornea to get scratched, and at the worst end of the spectrum, this can interfere with sight. Fortunately, in most cases, it is not this bad – but it can cause enough discomfort to warrant taking extra steps to get rid of it.

Get Evaluated for Dry Eye at The Los Angeles Vision Center

To get evaluated for your dry eyes and get a specific diagnosis, schedule a comprehensive dry eye exam today. These exams allow symptoms and causes to be detected. Our doctor of optometry here at Los Angeles Vision Center will then be able to suggest the appropriate treatment based on the cause of your issues. If your eyes are frequently irritated through dryness and are in the Los Angeles, call us at (323) 934-2020!

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