Family Eye Care

Family Eye Care

Your family's sight is important, and you want to preserve what you and they have. So many eye conditions can be diagnosed through simple eye exams that there is no reason to skip getting your eyes checked. At worst, you find out you need some intervention, but the advantage is that you have likely caught an eye condition in its earlier stages. That gives you a chance to treat the problem before it gets worse. Los Angeles Vision Center has exams and treatments that can keep you and your family seeing as well as can be.

Eye Exams Are Meant to Cover All Possibilities

The purpose of an eye exam is two-fold. One, you can see how your vision is doing and whether you need glasses, or if you already wear them, whether you need a new pair. Two, the exam covers several health conditions, and simple tests can determine whether there is a problem. For example, you'll have to look at dotted images to help determine if you have color blindness.

The typical exam starts with an intake form, and then you'll go through a number of those physical-health tests. They're short and will not interfere with your vision-acuity test. Once you're done with those, then you'll start looking at charts to determine your distance vision and whether you have eye strain.

After the tests are over, there's one more item. Your optometrist has to check your retina, either through special photography or through dilating your pupils with eye drops. This test allows the optometrist to look for signs of a detached retina, macular degeneration, and other conditions that may be in the beginning stages. Then you and the doctor will discuss the results, and an optician will help you find glasses or contacts for your condition.

These exams do not take long. The can reveal so much about your sight that you would be better off getting the exams on a strict schedule and not skipping years unless your optometrist says you can.

Arrange for an Eye Exam Now for Each Member of Your Household

Call Los Angeles Vision Center at (323) 934-2020 to set up appointments for each of your family members. If you need an optometrist in Los Angeles who specializes in pediatrics, we can help you there, too. With regular eye checkups, you'll be able to reduce your risk of having a severe vision problem later on in life.

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