Vuity Eyedrops

If you've seen the commercial for the wonder eyedrops that are supposed to treat presbyopia, you may be curious. Fortunately, an eye doctor at Los Angeles Vision Center, serving Los Angeles, CA, and the nearby region, has spent some time researching Vuity eyedrops and we are happy to offer this vision correction method to some of our patients who qualify for the treatment.

General Information About Vuity 

If you visit an optometrist in Los Angeles on our team for a routine examination and you're aware of or we detect presbyopia, an eye doctor on our team may recommend Vuity. This medication is eyedrops that can correct farsightedness from presbyopia. This condition occurs when you have a reduction in up-close vision caused by the aging process. As a result, you may need eyeglasses when you read or do any type of work that requires you to focus your vision near you, such as computer work or playing on a tablet or phone.

These eyedrops help eliminate your need to see an eye specialist for eyeglasses. This is because they help correct your vision, which helps eliminate your need for reading glasses. 

How Vuity Eyedrops Work

An eye care professional on our team may recommend this treatment if an eye doctor on our team determines you have presbyopia and you'd like a solution that doesn't involve wearing corrective eyewear.

Vuity works by making your pupils smaller. As a result, you may be able to see objects and writing viewed within close range more clearly and sharply.

Who Qualifies for Vuity Eyedrops

Before we determine if this is the right vision correction option for you, an eye care professional on our team can help provide you with an eye exam or vision exam to help determine the severity of your presbyopia. An eye specialist on our team will also assess you for any eye health problems. Based on our routine eye care assessment, the practitioner will help determine if Vuity is safe for you. 

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Our eye specialist at Los Angeles Vision Center, serving Los Angeles, CA, and the general vicinity, can determine if Vuity is an option for you. Our optometrist in Los Angeles will conduct a thorough exam first. You should know our goal is to find a vision correction method that suits your needs and desires, and it could include Vuity eyedrops. Book an appointment to see if these drops are right for you by calling (323) 934-2020 .

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