Wearing regular contact lenses or eyeglasses is an effective way of addressing some vision problems. However, not everyone is comfortable wearing them as they engage in their day-to-day activities. If you are one of those people, you may benefit from orthokeratology.

At Los Angeles Vision Center, we prescribe the specialy lenses to our patients. Before prescription, our eye doctor examines our patients to understand the health of their eyes properly and see how their cornea is shaped. We have eye care equipment that helps us make precise prescriptions. We are located in Los Angeles, CA. 

What Is Ortho-K and What Is It Used for?

These are specially designed lenses used to reshape the cornea and improve vision. These eye care lenses are usually worn at night as someone sleeps, eliminating the need to wear them during the day.

The effects of these lenses usually last for only a couple of days, which is why optometrists advise their patients to wear them every night. 

How Do These Lenses Work?

They change how light is bent in the eye by flattening the central part of the cornea. These lenses are usually rigid gas permeable and reshape the cornea while allowing oxygen into the eye. 

When removed after being worn overnight, the cornea remains flattened, correcting vision for some time. A person has to wear these lenses regularly to maintain clear vision.  

Which Conditions Are Corrected Using Ortho-K?

These lenses are usually prescribed to people with myopia, degrees of astigmatism, farsightedness, and presbyopia. They are also used for correcting myopia in children. 

Who Are Good Candidates for Orthokeratology?

If you have conditions such as myopia and presbyopia and don't want to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, these lenses can be a good option.

Additionally, people who actively engage in sports activities are also good candidates since wearing eyeglasses, or regular contact lenses can be challenging. 

People who work in dusty environments are also candidates. Wearing regular contact lenses can increase their chances of developing infections. 

Are These Lenses Safe?

They can be considered safe as long as an eye specialist prescribes them after the necessary tests. The person using these lenses must also maintain them properly to avoid the risk of infection. He or she also has to go for regular checkups such as with an optometrist in Los Angeles, CA, on our team to determine whether the lenses are giving the desired results. 

Get Optometry Services from an Eye Doctor on Our Team

If you are suffering from conditions such as presbyopia or myopia and arent comfortable wearing regular contact lenses or eyeglasses, visit us at Los Angeles Vision Center for an ortho-k prescription. We can help ensure you get the right lenses and advise you on how to maintain them and benefit from them maximum. Call us at (323) 934-2020 to schedule a consultation with an optometrist in Los Angeles, CA, on our team. An eye specialist on our optometry team is here to help.

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