Can Wearing Outdated Eyeglasses Or Contact Lenses Harm My Eyes?

Can Wearing Outdated Eyeglasses Or Contact Lenses Harm My Eyes?

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you may realize the importance of having the correct prescription. Wearing the incorrect prescription or an outdated set of lenses can be dangerous. At Los Angeles Vision Center in CA, we know the importance of wearing the right lenses. Here's why you should always wear the right glasses or contacts.

Eye Strain

If you don't have the right prescription, you'll be looking through a lens that doesn't correct your vision the right way. That means your eyes may be overworked. You might also experience headaches and exhaustion when you try to read, look at your phone, or even watch television.


Vertigo is a condition in which the environment around you might appear to spin or pulse. You might feel dizzy, nauseous, or confused. In some cases, vertigo causes vomiting as well. If you aren't wearing the right prescription, the lenses could cause this sensation.

Unclear Vision

When you're looking through the wrong prescription, everything is going to look blurry. Your eyes will be forced to adjust to an outdated set of eyeglasses or contacts, and this can make your eyes overcorrect.

Visit Our Optometry Center to Get the Right Prescription

You must always have a current prescription, and an optometrist will make sure that you're wearing the right lenses for your vision. Los Angeles Vision Center will help you get the optometry care you need. We will help you find the right contact lenses and glasses so your eyes aren't impacted. Call our office today to meet with our optometrist and update your prescription.

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