How To Choose An Optometrist

How To Choose An Optometrist


Tips for Choosing an Optometrist in Los Angeles, CA

Are you in need of eye care but unsure where to start with choosing your optometrist? Our Los Angeles Vision Center team put together these tips to help.

Know Your Insurance

If you have insurance, you’ll likely have certain optometry specialists in-network. You don’t want to choose an optometrist only to find out later that they aren’t part of that network, so learn what options you have first. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll need to look at the payment options of each optometry specialist as you move through the rest of the steps.

Look for Recommendations

Friends, family, and community members can be invaluable resources when looking for an optometrist or other care provider. Whether it’s through phone calls, text, or social media, ask for recommendations.

Research Each Recommended Optometrist

You’ll probably get several recommendations in the previous step. But first, check their social media pages and websites for past and current patient reviews. You can also look on Google and Yelp for reviews.

Schedule an Appointment and Evaluate

You’ll only learn what you need to know through an office visit. Being highly qualified and recommended doesn’t mean they’ll be skilled in everyday language. In addition, not every personality type suits one another.

In short, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with the optometrist you choose. During that appointment, you can get a good feel for their personality, how they communicate, and whether you are comfortable.

Although, you’re never stuck with the first choice, even if you’re covered by insurance. You can always change eye care providers if you feel the need.

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