Contact Lenses for Dry Eye

Contact Lenses for Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Millions of Americans suffer from dry eyes related to their contact lenses. Since many people prefer to wear contact lenses, it is vital to see an eye specialist to help find the perfect contact lenses for dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome can cause many symptoms, including burning, dry or scratchy eyes, which can cause blurry vision and other irritating conditions. Seeing an eye doctor at Los Angeles Vision Center in Los Angeles, California, can help provide proper eye care treatment and determine which contact lenses for dry eye syndrome are best for your vision needs.

What Causes Dry Eye? 

Several factors can cause contact lens wearers to develop dry and red eyes. Common causes include damage to tear glands, damage to surrounding skin, autoimmune diseases, certain medications, and hormone changes. Additionally, dry eyes can be associated with allergies leading to burning, dry, or scratchy sensations in the eyes.

How Can Contacts Treat Dry Eyes?

Seeing an optometrist can help treat dry eyes by diagnosing the root cause of the symptoms. In most cases, dry eye results in itchy red eyes, which can be treated using lubricating eye drops or ointments. In addition, some patients improve dry eye symptoms when their eye specialist changes the brand and type of contact lenses they wear.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometrist for Dry Eye Treatment in Los Angeles 

If you need to see an eye doctor in Los Angeles, CA, call the specialists at Los Angeles Vision Center for an appointment. Let us show how your contacts may be causing your dry eye symptoms and see if a new prescription may help combat dry eyes. Call us today at (323) 934-2020 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.

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