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Contact Lens Exams with Our Los Angeles Optometrists

Millions of people suffering from refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism choose contact lenses as their preferred form vision vision correction. Contact lenses are less prone to damage than eyeglasses, making them a safer bet during physical jobs or sports. They're also discreet, allowing you to enjoy corrected vision without advertising the fact that you need it. But it takes more than just a comprehensive eye exam to fit you with your perfect lenses. Here at Los Angeles Vision Cener, our trusted optometrists can provide you with a contact lens exam to get you on the road to better vision.

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Why Are Contact Lens Exams Necessary?

A contact lens exam is an entirely separate evaluation from the usual comprehensive eye and vision exam, although that initial testing is critical so we can pinpoint the nature and severity of your refractive error. A contact lens exam is specifically aimed at ensuring that the contacts you receive will correct your vision as safely, comfortably, and accurately as possible. This requires us to make careful measurements of your pupils, irises, and corneal curvature so we order contacts for you that actually fit.

But there's a great deal more to contact lens exams than measurements. We must also take a variety of other factors into account, including:

  • Your prescription - Regular soft contacts may be fine for mild or simple prescriptions, but not for complex or severe refractive errors.
  • Your ocular health - Do you suffer from dry eye, keratoconus, GPC (giant papillary conjunctivitis), or some other ocular challenge? You may need specialized contact lenses to compensate for these problems.
  • Your lifestyle - Do want to wear contacts for days at a time, or only occasionally? Are you willing to clean and store reusable contacts properly? Different contacts are better for different lifestyle habits.

Contact Lens Options

Once we know which contact lenses make the most sense for you, you'll have no trouble getting them at Los Angeles Vision Center. We provide various types of contact lens options, from convenient soft single-use contacts to rigid gas permeable lenses for strong prescriptions. We can fit you with toric contacts, multifocal contacts, scleral lenses (for dry eye or keratoconus) and more!

Contact our Los Angeles Optometrist for Your Contact Lens Exam

Remember, before you can have your contact lens exam and get matched with your ideal contact lenses, you need to schedule a comprehensive eye and vision exam so we can determine your corrective prescription. Call Los Angeles Vision Center at 323-934-2020 and we'll put that eye exam on our calendar! Contact us for all of your optometry needs in the Westlake, Larchmont, and Los Angeles area.

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